About Pilot Exams

Hello Pilots in Progress, welcome to Pilot Exams, an app pioneered by Capt. Nitish Arora for budding pilots. This will be your first step on the journey from ground to air.

How you can become a pilot with us?

The app is designed to meet your academic needs while still accommodating your busy schedule. All you need is a device, an internet connection and of course our subscription, to commence studies anywhere and anytime.

For whom it is for?

Whether you are a student just out of school or an entrepreneur wishing to soar through the skies, this app will be your guiding light at every step. Pilot Exams provides you with multiple, regularly updated questionnaires for Navigation, Meteorology (study of weather) and Regulations (law of air) all in the same place.

What else we can provide?

You can also enroll yourself for the ground school where the classes can be customized as per your needs. One to one doubt sessions with experienced pilots are also made available.

Get the best

Here, at Pilot Exams, we'll give our best to ensure that all your demands are met with the fullest of our capacities and capabilities. Whether you need counseling for your future in aviation or need help choosing the flight school that fits you the best, we are here to navigate you through it all.

We are looking forward to helping you build your Career as a Commercial Pilot and spread your wings with Pilot Exams.

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Learn from the Best

Its not just about the experience it is about how much pain a instructor takes for his students. Thats just capt. Niti's motive. He takes care of every student personally

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Try e-test at anytime, anywhere, anyplace no matter if you are travelling or at home with the help of e-test you can practice for your upcoming pilot exam anytime at your comfort

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Online Ground Classes

As we all are having very busy schedules now a days you can also avail full ground school online from the comfort of your home or office. Contact us for more details.

What Our Students Say

Pilot Exams Future Plans

With his team, and experience, Capt. Nitish Arora, looks forward to continuing a rich tradition of professional pilot training and services to the aviation industry.

It is the best time to enter aviation with the airlines expanding at unprecedented levels, the demand for pilots has never been so great and will be more in future too. We will be there to deliver them to the market to the highest standard expected.